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MVG EME Guard up mast
1MHz – 40GHz / Sensitivity limits: 5V/m to 350V/m

EME Guard PLUS is a broadband personal meter to monitor and record EMF exposure near antennas.

Exposure thresholds are user-definable, and can be adapted to any standard, such as these 4 standards: ICNIRP, FCC 96-326, Safety Code 6, and 2013/35/EU.

The EME Guard Analysis software (for Windows) defines three user profiles:

  1. User mode enables download and visualization of measurements recorded in the embedded memory of the device.
  2. Administrator mode gives additional rights to configure the device to requirements (threshold definition) and access to maintenance level.
  3. Super Administrator mode gives additional rights to upgrade the firmware of the device.

The Administrator can customize the device according to the thresholds defined by their own guidelines. Only the Administrator is given right of access to device configuration and customize.

The EME Guard PLUS is equipped with a high performance triaxial probe which guarantees measurement isotropy. The performance of this sensor has been optimized to ensure maximum isotropy. Each device comes with a calibration report.