Rotem PDS-GO Personal Radiation Detector


PDS-GO top LCD in belt

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The PDS-GO is a lightweight personal gamma radiation detector, designed to meet the ANSI N42.32 & 42.33 radiation detection requirements. It’s a highly sensitive Survey Meter featuring twin LCD displays.

The PDS-GO boasts a measuring range from background to 500 uSv/h (50 mR/h) with a sensitivity of < 1,100 cps/mR/h, and it's also ideal to use as a highly sensitive survey meter.

Ideal for First Responders, it’s especially useful for professionals dealing in safety and security of sensitive installations, public areas and border control. This small instrument (125 g) is easily carried on the body and is used to detect and indicate the presence and magnitude of gamma emitting radiation.

On the top side, while it is worn on the user’s belt, it provides a clear and simple indication of the presence and intensity, or absence, of radiation; and with the larger LCD on its front, more complementary information is available, once the instrument is disconnected from the belt.

Note: PDS-GO includes Go Manager. The Go Manager software is an innovative package designed to enhance the capabilities of the Instrument, allowing you to download radiation data, create historical reports, display and set Accumulated Dose, and in the advanced mode, set the parameters of the PDS-GO.