Rotem AMP-50 Area Monitor Meter

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The AMP-50 is a GM tube-based low range Area Monitor. It has been designed specifically to be used in low dose rate fields using a very sensitive, waterproof GM tube.

Note: The probe head may be located near a filter cube, rad waste stream, resin tank, or even inside the fuel pool (to take advantage of its waterproof characteristics).

The AMP-50 may be used in one of 2 ways: by locally reading the smoothed digital display via the hand-held meter, or by connecting the meter to a Remote Monitoring System (e.g. wired DDC 16 or wireless WRMPlus) and TeleMap or connected directly to RS-232 computer input (using the RS-232 cable)

The AMP-50 is the most sensitive monitor of the range; other models are designed for extremely high dose rate fields:

AMP-100 to 10 Sv/h (1,000 R/h)

AMP-200 to 150 Sv/h (15,000 R/h)

AMP-300 to 300 Sv/h (30,000 R/h; 300 Gy/h)