Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000

From £20.00 to £1,720.00


Professional 3D Electric and Magnetic Field Analyzer and Data Logger

(5Hz – 1,000,000Hz)

The first choice of EMF professionals throughout the world.

This top-of-the line NFA1000 has integrated 3D-magnetic AND 3D-potential-free electric field sensors. With its unmatched scope of features for professional Building-Biology-standard low-frequency EMF measurement it sets standards in its field.

Product Summary

  • 3D potential-free electric field measurement (without the necessity of an external cubicle sensor, thanks to our patents).
  • 3D measurement of the magnetic field
  • Able to provide extensive long-term data recordings
  • Eliminates the need for X-Y-Z RMS calculations
  • Ability to measure in single axis mode when necessary
  • Separate channel for recording Radio Frequency signals from the HF59B and HFW59D RF Analyzers
  • USB Connection to PC
  • Standard 4 GB SD memory card supplied (upgradeable)
  • High frequency transient analysis for “Dirty Electricity”
  • Separate true RMS recordings of power line frequencies and harmonics (16.6 Hz | 50/60 Hz | 100/120 Hz plus even harmonics | 150/180 Hz plus odd harmonics | other frequencies < 2 kHz | all > 2kHz)
  • A ‘no tamper’ lock feature allows for the device to be left securely on site while data logging is operational
  • Customized Geiger Counter/Audio alarm: Allows for a personalized volume and high exposure alarm
  • Broadband peak measurements (genuine peak of a wave)
  • Li-Ion rechargeable batteries for up to 48 hours of continuous recordings
  • External power supply / charger included