Gigahertz Solutions HF-Analyzer HF59B

From £20.00 to £848.00


(700MHz to 2.7GHz, 3.3GHz usable, or optional 27MHz to 3.3GHz)

We feel this is an extraordinary instrument, offering the best price/performance ratio in the market today.

Its functions and features are tailored to the needs and practical experiences of RF technicians, Building Biologists, engineers, scientists, industrial Health and Safety, and pre-compliance R&D and product development.

It readily affords a competent and professional assessment of HF exposures between 700 MHz and 3.3MHz, using its Logarithmic Periodic (logPer) horizontally and vertically polarized antenna, ensuring less ripple, better directionality, improved shielding vs. ground, with the option to assess down to 27MHz using the omni-directional antenna (UBB27) pictured above.