MVG EME SPY Evolution

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EME SPY and tablet chart80MHz to 6GHz / Sensitive down to 0.005 V/m

Simultaneous monitoring of up to 20 bands from 80 MHz – 6000 MHz, covering broadcast, cellular, Wi-Fi, & ISM frequency bands

For: Municipalities, governmental agencies, regulatory bodies, research laboratories, universities, broadcasters, PMR, and mobile phone operators.
EME Spy Evolution is the latest tri-axial data logging exposimeter designed by MVG. It’s a light and portable RF safety personal monitoring device that performs continuous measurement of human exposure levels to electromagnetic fields (EMF), and provides identification of the contributors.

You can conduct real-time, simultaneous monitoring of EMF levels from up to 20 user-defined frequency bands (chosen from 84 pre-defined bands). You can display these levels in real time on your Windows PC or tablet, or on your Android Smartphone; otherwise, your data can be exported to the EME Spy Evolution Analysis Software for post-processing and backup.

Measurements can be compared with the reference levels advised by ICNIRP, FCC or Safety Code 6.