When it comes to measuring radon and thoron properly, ask anyone, and the Durridge RAD7  will be at the top of their list. Early in 2019, Durridge hit the “5000th RAD7” milestone, and its sales continue to grow.

Whether in the lab, the mine, on volcanoes, in water (oceans, lakes, and streams), the portable RAD7 has been deployed for over 20 years, and is trusted by scientists and academics, governments, and countless radon-focused industries and businesses around the world – its RAD7s are even protecting our children by monitoring radon-prone school buildings 24-7.

We would be proud to help you learn more about the extraordinary products from this extraordinary company.



The DURRIDGE RAD7 is a truly versatile radon and thoron detector used by research scientists and professionals worldwide. Its mature and yet still state-of-the-art design match or exceed those of the most expensive radon measurement devices in the world. At the same time, it incorporates a number of exclusive features that are found in no other radon detector, regardless of price. Incredibly, the RAD7 is affordable.

The RAD7 is a sophisticated measuring instrument widely used in laboratories and research work around the globe. It is used by professional radon testers, mitigators and home inspectors, as well as by research scientists studying groundwater, mines, deserts, the ocean and volcanoes at extreme temperature. A rugged carrying case encloses the instrument, ensuring reliability in the field.

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Your RAD7 comes with DURRIDGE’s award-winning free CAPTURE® software for Macintosh and Windows. CAPTURE provides the ability to download radon data files from the RAD7 and issue commands to the RAD7 for performing various common tasks. A chart recorder renders sophisticated real-time graphs of radon and thoron data from single or multiple RAD7s. Included with CAPTURE is a complete user’s manual and several sample RAD7 data files. CAPTURE contains built-in support for the English and Chinese languages. Additional machine-generated language resources are available upon request.

CAPTURE’s extensive graphing features include advanced data navigation, multiple statistics panels, and enhanced selection abilities. Data may be exported to a variety of human-readable formats. CAPTURE can perform two-way communication with RAD7 devices containing RADLINK remote access software, and high-resolution printer output is always just a click away.

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RAD7 Accessories

DURRIDGE offers a variety of accessories for the RAD7 radon detector.


Radon in water sampling for the RAD7


Continuous radon in water monitoring for the RAD7

Big Bottle System

High sensitivity radon in water sampling for the RAD7

Water Probe

For radon sampling from large bodies of water


Active moisture exchanger to reduce the humidity of the air entering the RAD7

Soil Gas Probes

Extract radon gas samples from underground, without exposing them to the outside air

Emission Chambers

Detect radon emissions from objects and surfaces

Natural Rock Sample

Sealed granite sample providing rock-steady emissions of radon and thoron, for testing RAD7 performance.

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